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Bel Canto’s e.One Virtual Battery Supply (VBS) technology combines low noise switching technology, multiple stages of isolation, filtration and regulation to create a highly stable low noise power base for the VB front end audio components. The VBS1 supplies power for up to 3 front end VB designated components providing the cleanest power possible. The compact, heavy gauge, all-steel chassis provides additional isolation establishing an ultra low noise power foundation for building the ultimate audio playback system that brings music to life with extraordinary nuance and power.

The foundation of the VBS1 is based on intricate stages of filtration. The initial pre filtration stage supplies the low noise rectification and high energy storage to the SMPS that restructures the power to high frequency energy outside the audio band. This eliminates any possibility of the noise affecting the audible signal. The output filtering has a massive bank of LC filtration providing over 100 dB of isolation starting below 100 Hz and Polypropylene capacitors that ensure hundreds of amperes of peak current across the wide frequency spectrum are delivered.

The greatest reduction in noise occurs in the lower region of the audio frequency band in the critical midrange where the ear is most sensitive to noise and has the greatest impact on micro dynamics that lets you experience the subtle changes in timbre and a deeper more powerful bass.  Reducing noise from the power line is critical to the overall performance of your audio. Eliminating the negative effects will allow your equipment to function at its optimal level.

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