LNS1 Alimentazione esterna

  • Alimentazione esterna supplementare per FM1, DAC1.5, or CD2

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The LNS1 is a low noise power supply based on the concepts behind the superb performance of the VBS1 and powers one VB compatible unit. It features a low noise rectifier and filter circuit driving a high performance 12V switching power supply followed by LC filters to achieve a low 90 microvolt rms noise floor over the audio band. This is more than 120 dB below the 12V output. It is designed to enhance the performance of our FM1DAC1.5, or CD2 products and serves as an excellent entry level option to power the DAC3.5VB mkII. When upgrading the desktop power supply of the FM1DAC1.5, or CD2 to the LNS1, it is necessary to also purchase the 2-pin to 2.5mm barrel VB cable.

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